The Story

"It's Not About the Food. It's About the Flavor." ~ Adam Lamb

 Adam Lamb's Hot Damn!™ Hot Damn Pepper Sauces

People eat for all kinds of reasons; some for sustenance and fuel - others for pleasure and passion.

After years of preparing food for others, I've come to know that, no matter what I'm cooking, of how much of it there is - there had better be flavor because it has got to be satisfying to both the body and the spirit.

That's why I created Hot Damn!™ Pepper Sauces

I set out to craft a product that was more flavor than heat - a sauce that would marry perfectly with almost any food and provide a sense of satisfaction to the palate and the body. If a particular dish or food has a sufficient flavor impact, then even a small amount of it will still satisfy our inherent need for pleasure.

Each flavor of my pepper sauces has been carefully tested and reviewed to be the perfect complement for very kind of food.

It all started over a year ago in 2020 when COVID19 came crashing down on all of us and stopped the world on its track. I had already been experimenting with fermenting all kinds of foods, and I decided to try to make my hot sauce.

Creating these pepper sauces has been a labor of love because - as we can all remember, 2020 was a pretty dark year for many reasons, but mostly - for me - it was a feeling of disconnection from my family and friends that was most painful to bear. 

"So, I thought to myself, "why don't I make some hot sauce and share it with the people I most love in the world? Wouldn't it be great to do something to make them smile?"

As it turns out, everyone - from my son-in-law Mike to a contractor at work - told me that the sauce was, by far, the best they had ever had, and oh by the way, when can they get some more?

That's when I decided to share some of the love with you. I'm proud - yet weirdly humbled to be able to share these products with you and your family. I know that they'll bring you much pleasure and satisfaction.

I've been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years as a  professional chef, starting at the tender age of 15 when I worked as a dishwasher at The Big Wheel restaurant in Hammond, Indiana. I've been lucky enough to cook all over the world in almost every possible condition you can imagine.

Now, I consider myself again fortunate to able to share my passion for excellence with you.

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Thank you for your time, and trust in me and my products. We won't let you down.


Chef Adam M Lamb